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Scaling Data Literacy in Government


Government agencies increasingly rely on data to make informed decisions, optimize processes, and improve public services. A key part of unlocking value with data within government agencies, lies within data upskilling. Essex County has been using DataCamp to upskill data analysts, data scientists, and enhance organization-wide data literacy.

In this webinar, Essex County Council present the story of how they implemented a comprehensive data training program across their organization - from new graduates to senior leaders.

What you'll learn

  • Learn about how data unlocks value for government agencies
  • Learn how to implement a data training program in a governmental organization
  • Learn how data upskilling can be integrated as part of employee onboarding within government agencies
Stephen Simpkin Headshot
Stephen Simpkin

Data Science Fellow at Essex County Council

Stephen uses data science to optimize public services.
Katy Bennett Headshot
Katy Bennett

Senior Analyst at Essex County Council

Katy is a senior analyst who has broad technical expertise in R, Power BI and SQL
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