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Using ChatGPT Code Interpreter for Data Science


On July 6th, 2023, OpenAI announced that Code Interpreter will be available to all ChatGPT Plus users. Code interpreter is a version of ChatGPT that runs code, allows for uploading data, and can be used for data cleaning, analysis, visualization, and many other tasks.

In this live training, we use ChatGPT Code Interpreter to perform a data analysis workflow on an Airbnb dataset. Throughout the training, we learn about use-cases of ChatGPT Code Interpreter for data science tasks, how it can streamline the data science workflow, and best practices when working with automated coding assistants.

Key Takeaways:

  • An introduction to ChatGPT Code Interpreter and how it works
  • Running a data analysis exercise on an Airbnb dataset with Code Interpreter
  • Best practices & challenges when working with automated coding assistants

Link to slides:

Download dataset:

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Adel Nehme

VP of Media at DataCamp

VP of Media at DataCamp | Host of the DataFramed podcast
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