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Andrés Molina's
Data Engineer Associate certificate

Obtained: 8 September 2023.
Expires: 7 September 2025.
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Andrés Molina's Data Engineer Associate certificate
To get certified as a Data engineer Associate, this candidate had to demonstrate that they have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed at the entry level in this role. The competency domains assessed included, but were not limited to:
  • Data Management

    Data Management


    Central to the work of an entry level data engineer, data management requires that individuals are able to get the right data and ensure that it is clean and of a quality fit for further analysis and decision making. These tasks will require strong SQL skills, but data engineers should also be able to complete them in Python.

    This skill was tested through timed exams in SQL, theory and Python, as well as a hands on practical exam using SQL. The individual was required to solve a series of problems related to a real world situation, that included cleaning data and preparing data into a format suitable for further analysis.

  • Programming for Data Engineering

    Programming for Data Engineering


    Data engineers need to make sure that data is available to others within an organization, and any preparation tasks are performed to a regular schedule to enable decision making. Having a strong grasp of programming techniques enables them to schedule regular tasks, ensure they are performed efficiently and in a scalable manner. At entry level this requires strong Python programming skills.

    This skill was tested through a timed exam in Python.

  • Exploratory Analysis

    Exploratory Analysis


    Data engineers will find themselves working regularly with data analysts, data scientists and others wanting to gather insights from the data they are providing. Having a high level view of the most common ways of working with data will enable them to be more effective and foresee potential problems.

    This skill was test through a timed exam testing theoretical knowledge.

Typically these skills can take candidates 100+ hours to acquire over time
We tested the candidate's skills rigorously through:

Timed exams

Through a series of questions on a range of topics, we are able to establish that this individual has the knowledge required for a data engineer role. We make use of adaptive testing approaches to understand to a high degree of confidence the skill level of individuals who take the assessments.

Practical exam submission

This stage of the certification allows the candidate to demonstrate that they are able to put together their skills to solve problems they will experience in the real world. The candidate must complete a series of tasks to clean and prepare data, and result in the correct data.