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Benjamin Frazier's
SQL Associate certificate

Obtained: 24 January 2024.
Expires: 23 January 2026.
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Benjamin Frazier's SQL Associate certificate
To obtain the Associate SQL Certification, this candidate had to demonstrate that they have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully use SQL for data analysis. The competency domains assessed included, but were not limited to:
  • Data Management

    Data Management


    At the associate level, data management tasks relate mostly to data cleaning and processing. This includes identifying data quality issues, performing transformations and being able to work with data from multiple sources, typically multiple database tables. For the large part, these tasks are performed in SQL.

    This skill was tested through a hands-on SQL coding challenge. The individual was required to code specific cleaning and transformation tasks that can be applied to a given data source.

  • Exploratory Analysis

    Exploratory Analysis


    This candidate was comfortable in calculatings metrics to effectively report characteristics of data and relationships between features using PostgreSQL.

    This skill was primarily tested through a hands-on SQL coding challenge.

Typically these skills can take candidates 100+ hours to acquire over time
We tested the candidate's skills rigorously through:

Timed exams

Through a series of questions on a range of topics, we are able to establish that this individual has the knowledge required for a data analyst role. We make use of adaptive testing approaches to understand to a high degree of confidence the skill level of individuals who take the assessments.

Practical exam submission

This stage of the certification tests knowledge and skills across different domains. It is based on the DataCamp projects format, using DataLab. The candidate must complete a project that addresses a business problem.