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Monitoring A Financial Fraud Detection Model

Help the bank monitoring their fraud detection model and figuring out why it's not performing as expected.

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Project Description

Banks are where we safely store and invest money, and they depend on machine learning models to fight fraud every day. However, these models are not perfect and can sometimes fail, putting customers' money at risk.

In this project, you'll be acting as a post-deployment data scientist, helping a major UK bank. You'll be keeping an eye on how their fraud detection model has been doing over time and figuring out why it's not working as it should.

Project Tasks

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    Monitoring a Financial Fraud Detection Model


Python Python


Machine Learning
Hakim Elakhrass HeadshotHakim Elakhrass

Co-founder and CEO of NannyML

Hakim is one of the co-founders of nannyML, one of the most popular open source machine learning model monitoring libraries. He has almost a decade of data science experience. Hakim holds a Masters Degree in Bioinformatics from the KU Leuven.
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Maciej Balawejder HeadshotMaciej Balawejder

Data Scientist at NannyML

Maciej is a data scientist at NannyML with a background in math and mechanical engineering.
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