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Explore 538's Halloween Candy Rankings

Get ready for Halloween by digging into a FiveThirtyEight dataset with all your favorite candy!

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Project Description

In this project, you'll use skills from Multiple and Logistic Regression to learn about Halloween candy. You'll start off by exploring FiveThirtyEight's Halloween Candy dataset (one of many fun datasets they provide) and figuring out what kinds of data it contains. Then you'll fit and evaluate linear and logistic regression models. Get ready for a scary fun time!

Project Tasks

  • 1Importing packages and data
  • 2Explore the distributions of categorical variables
  • 3Taking a look at pricepercent
  • 4Exploring winpercent (part i)
  • 5Exploring winpercent (part ii)
  • 6Exploring the correlation structure
  • 7Fitting a linear model of winpercent
  • 8Evaluating the linear model
  • 9Fit a logistic regression model of chocolate
  • 10Evaluate the logistic regression model


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  • Topics

    Data ManipulationData VisualizationMachine LearningProbability & StatisticsImporting & Cleaning Data