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Real-time Insights from Social Media Data

Learn to analyze Twitter data and do a deep dive into a hot trend.

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Project Description

Fear of missing out, curiosity, self-esteem, speed: it's like social media has changed our basic human needs; these baits are keeping us hooked and engaged. And Twitter is a master at this game. Elon Musk's tweets keep Wall Street on its toes; Trump's tweets have the potential of starting wars — Twitter has this huge influence on the world because of the type of its users. Data from Twitter-storms is available in near real-time. This means we can learn about the big waves of thoughts and moods around the world as they arise. So of course, we are not going to miss the chance to analyze this treasure trove.

In this Project, you will use pre-downloaded datasets to understand the nuts and bolts of Twitter Data. In particular, you will do a thorough analysis of a hot-trend.

This Project provides the opportunity to apply the skills covered in DataCamp's Analyzing Social Media Data in Python course. If you haven't taken the course, but you are familiar with Python and Pandas, you should be good to go (you can take the course as a follow-up for complementary skills).

Warning: some of the tweets in the Twitter datasets contain explicit language.

Project Tasks

  • 1Local and global thought patterns
  • 2Prettifying the output
  • 3 Finding common trends
  • 4Exploring the hot trend
  • 5Digging deeper
  • 6Frequency analysis
  • 7Activity around the trend
  • 8A table that speaks a 1000 words
  • 9Analyzing used languages
  • 10Final thoughts
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