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Creating Functions to Register App Users

Define functions to catch errors when new users register for an app!

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Project Description

You are a junior developer working on a registration system for a mobile app at a small startup. The product managers have asked you to improve the current sign-up flow by integrating reusable Python functions that validate user input entered into the form.

Your task is to integrate these validation functions to approve or reject sign-up attempts before account creation. Together, these existing validation functions and the new registration functions you will build will significantly improve the robustness and quality of the sign-up process, enhancing onboarding for thousands of app users.

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Amina Edmunds HeadshotAmina Edmunds

Content Development Intern, DataCamp

Amina is a Content Development Intern at DataCamp. With a background in Architecture and Education, she changed careers to pursue software development, starting with JavaScript; she is now focused on Python.
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