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Impact Analysis of GoodThought NGO Initiatives

Use SQL to explore and analyze GoodThought NGO's database, uncovering key insights from over 13 years of transformative projects.

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Project Description

Since 2010, GoodThought NGO has led transformative efforts in education, healthcare, and sustainability worldwide. Dive into a PostgreSQL database to analyze key metrics from 2010 to 2023, track donations, and assess program effectiveness. This project offers a deep dive into data, revealing the impact and outcomes of GoodThought's initiatives

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Data Manipulation
Palak Raina HeadshotPalak Raina

Senior Data Engineer at BUX

Palak is a Senior Data Engineer with a strong background in software engineering. She is skilled in handling data and building pipelines using tools like Snowflake, Python, Airflow, Terraform, dbt, and GCP. Passionate about finding efficient solutions to data-related challenges, Palak is always eager to expand her knowledge and firmly believes in lifelong learning.
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