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DCI Connect - Session 1: Welcome to Instructor Success at DataCamp


Our VP of Curriculum, Maggie Remynse is excited to kick off our first DCI Connect Summit with you! Maggie will overview the day's activities and share a fun video of DataCamp in action! Afterwards, Instructor Success Lead Sarah Giancola will talk about what Instructor Success is, how it works, and DataCamp's plans for instructors in the coming months. This will also give you a good sense for what is to come in the following summit sessions!

Maggie Remynse-Chou Headshot
Maggie Remynse-Chou

VP of Curriculum

Maggie is currently the VP of Curriculum at DataCamp.
Sarah Giancola Headshot
Sarah Giancola

Head of Instructor Success at DataCamp

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