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DCI Connect - Session 4: Developing Curriculum at DataCamp (Panel)


In this session on Developing DataCamp Curriculum, the DataCamp Content Leadership Team panel answers questions about what our four curriculum areas, including what they encompass, interesting insights into why we’re focused on certain technologies and topics, like Julia and Data Literacy, how we design tracks, learning objectives, and more!

Arne Warnke Headshot
Arne Warnke

Head of Emerging Curriculum

In charge of DataCamp's curriculum for emerging technologies.
Joe Franklin Headshot
Joe Franklin

Head of Data Literacy and Essentials

Maggie Remynse-Chou Headshot
Maggie Remynse-Chou

VP of Curriculum

Maggie is currently the VP of Curriculum at DataCamp.
Amy Peterson Headshot
Amy Peterson

Head of Core Curriculum at DataCamp

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