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AWS Cloud Concepts

Learn the fundamentals of cloud computing with AWS.

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Course Description

Over 50% of all corporate data is stored in the cloud. As cloud computing becomes more and more ubiquitous, mastering at least one cloud platform is now crucial for data practitioners. In this course, you’ll get to grips with AWS—the market-leading cloud provider. You’ll also learn about its main core services, best practices to design AWS applications, and the benefits of using AWS for businesses.

This course is a great starting point to prepare you for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification.

  1. 1

    Introduction to AWS


    You have decided to learn more about the AWS cloud platform. Congratulations! Throughout this chapter, you will discover why AWS is a great set of tools for developers and data practitioners. You will expand your knowledge regarding the cloud provider, its history, and key figures demonstrating the platform's success.

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    Why learn about AWS as a data practitioner?
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    The benefits of Cloud Computing for data practitioners
    100 xp
    Why choose AWS as a cloud provider?
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    AWS cloud offer and history
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    AWS characteristics
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    AWS history
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    Getting started with AWS
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    Low-level vs. high-level access means
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    Access methods vs. use cases
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    AWS value proposition and economics

    So far, you have discovered some of the benefits of AWS compared to on-premises configurations. This chapter will walk you through a deep dive into the AWS value proposition and economics. AWS has designed a dedicated framework called the AWS cloud value framework, articulated around four pillars, to make it easier to convey and grasp its value proposition. Each lesson of this chapter is dedicated to one of those pillars.

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Hatim Khouzaimi Headshot

Hatim Khouzaimi

Hatim Khouzaimi is a Senior Data Scientist holding a PhD in Machine Learning.

Hatim Khouzaimi is a Senior Data Scientist that holds a PhD in Machine Learning. He specializes in conversational agents but he also applied his knowledge to the financial industry as he worked as a High Frequency Trader at a major French bank. He is also an entrepreneur, co-founding a startup that helped companies harness the power of conversational agents (chatbots and voicebots). During this experience, he became an expert in AWS and built the solution of the company solely on this cloud. Today, he is a Machine Learning and Cloud Computing instructor.
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