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Financial Modeling in Spreadsheets

Learn basic business modeling including cash flows, investments, annuities, loan amortization, and more using Sheets.

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Course Description

Have you ever wanted to plan for retirement, understand the stock market, or create a cash flow for your business? In this course, you will learn how to build business and financial models in Sheets. Google Sheets is an excellent technology for business models! You can create a framework for your goal, like understanding the growth of investments, and then update that framework based on current data. You will learn the basics of business modeling focusing on cash flows, investments, annuities, loan amortization, and saving for retirement. By the end of the course, you will have gained referencing and function skills in Sheets that you can apply to all sorts of models.

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    What are Models?


    An introduction to modeling financial statements in Sheets focusing on balance and income statements, which help create cash flow models.

  2. Time Value Money Models

    Learn Sheet's financial model functions by creating investment models with the fv, pv, pmt, and nper functions. You will also learn how to pay off debts in a loan amortization table.

  3. Planning and Investing Models

    Saving for retirement is tricky, but in this chapter, you will learn how to create models that help you plan to save and use your money after retirement.

  4. Probabilistic Models

    Stock prices go up and down but can we model them? Learn about volatility and simulating stock prices in this final chapter.

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