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Data Analysis in Spreadsheets

Learn how to analyze data with spreadsheets using functions such as SUM(), AVERAGE(), and VLOOKUP().

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Course Description

This course will dig deeper into some of the core functionality of Google Sheets. There's a whole bunch of predefined functions we'll cover, like `SUM()` and `AVERAGE()`, and `VLOOKUP()`. We'll apply these techniques to do some analysis on your grades in school, look at performance statistics within a company, track monthly sales, and look at some real geographical information about the countries of the world.

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    Predefined functions


    This chapter introduces a very useful feature in Google Sheets: predefined functions. You'll use these functions to solve complex problems without having to worry about specific calculations. We’ll cover a lot of predefined functions, including functions for numbers, functions for strings, and functions for dates.

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    First function - ROUND
    100 xp
    Function composition - SQRT
    100 xp
    Functions and ranges - MIN, MAX
    100 xp
    Selecting ranges - SUM, AVERAGE, MEDIAN
    100 xp
    Multiple arguments - RANK
    100 xp
    Even more arguments - RANK
    100 xp
    String manipulation - LEFT, RIGHT
    100 xp
    String information - LEN, SEARCH
    100 xp
    Combining strings - CONCATENATE
    100 xp
    Date functions - WEEKDAY
    100 xp
    Comparing dates
    100 xp
    Combining functions
    100 xp

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