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How much of the world has access to the internet?

The first-ever "XP Accelerator Competition" is now open for entries. This competition is part of the Free Week + XP challenge at DataCamp. Compete for one of 10 prizes of 50,000 XP and learn your way up our XP leaderboard! You work for a policy consulting firm. One of the firm's principals is preparing to give a presentation on the state of internet access in the world. She needs your help answering some questions about internet accessibility across the world.

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1st place

Unlocking XP Competition 2022

Maciej Gubała has analyzed the data and come up with some exciting insights on internet accessibility. While some countries lacked data in recent years, 2017 turned out to be an excellent year to compare regions. As for the EU region, Maciej used fresh data from 2019 to get a better understanding of the situation.

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2nd place

How Much of the World Has Access to the Internet?

Samvel Kocharyan explored the top 5 countries with the highest internet use from 1990-2019 are Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands. However, the top 5 countries in 2019 were Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, and Denmark. The rising oil-producing countries from the Middle East have entered the rankings in recent years, while Denmark has remained a leader.

3rd place

How Much of the World Has Access to the Internet?

Jon Dela Cruz analyzed the correlation between internet usage and broadband subscriptions for 2019, finding a moderately high positive correlation of 0.56 between the two variables. This means that the countries with a higher internet usage tend to have a higher number of broadband subscriptions. Middle Eastern countries have the highest internet usage by population share, while Western regions have experienced quicker growth in internet accessibility than their Eastern counterparts.

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