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Data Visualization in Spreadsheets

Learn the fundamentals of data visualization using spreadsheets.

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4 Hours16 Videos55 Exercises25,403 Learners4700 XPSpreadsheet Fundamentals Track

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Course Description

A picture can tell a thousand words - but only if you use the right picture! This course teaches you the fundamentals of data visualization with Google Sheets. You'll learn how to create common chart types like bar charts, histograms, and scatter charts, as well as more advanced types, such as sparkline and candlestick charts. You will look at how to prepare your data and use Data Validation and VLookup formulas to target specific data to chart. You'll learn how to use Conditional Formatting to apply a format to a cell or a range of cells based on certain criteria, and finally, how to create a dashboard showing plots and data together. Along the way, you'll use data from the Olympics, sharks attacks, and Marine Technology from the ASX.

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    Business Intelligence and Using Dashboards


    Learn about business intelligence and dashboards for analyzing information in todays data-driven world. Create a basic dashboard and master setting up your data to get the most out of it.

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    Using Sheets as a Business Intelligence platform
    50 xp
    Using data validation controls view medal tallies
    100 xp
    Using data validation controls to pick from a list
    100 xp
    Using conditional formatting on a dashboard
    100 xp
    Setting up a basic dashboard
    50 xp
    Creating a column chart from your data
    100 xp
    Setting up your worksheet with formulas of reference
    100 xp
    Charting the medal statistics
    100 xp
    Setting up your data
    50 xp
    Getting started
    100 xp
    Format dates and numbers
    100 xp
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    Efficient Column Charts

    Create and format a column chart to showcase data and learn a few smart tricks along the way. Look at using named ranges to refer to cells in your worksheet, making them user-friendly and easy to work with.

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