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Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Dive into sleep data and gain insights about factors that impact sleep quality

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Project Description

Sleep is essential for both physical and mental health. Quality sleep repairs cells, consolidates memories, wards off disease, and much more. In this project, you'll be working as a data science consultant for SleepInc, a sleep-tracking startup, and your mission is to analyze anonymous sleep data from their SleepScope app to uncover insights into lifestyle factors affecting sleep quality and duration.

Project Tasks

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    Gain insights into what affects sleep quality and duration!


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Data ManipulationExploratory Data Analysis
Amina Edmunds HeadshotAmina Edmunds

Content Development Intern, DataCamp

Amina is a Content Development Intern at DataCamp. With a background in Architecture and Education, she changed careers to pursue software development, starting with JavaScript; she is now focused on Python.
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