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Introduction to DataCamp Projects

If you have never done a DataCamp project, this is the place to start!

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Project Description

This is an introduction to DataCamp projects. DataCamp projects allow you to apply the skills you have learned in DataCamp courses. In each project, you will carry out an end-to-end analysis on real-world tasks using real-world tools and workflows.

In this gentle introduction to DataCamp projects, we will walk you through the project interface and you will learn how to work with Jupyter notebooks: an open-source web application that is great for interactive data analysis.

Project Tasks

  • 1This is a Jupyter notebook!
  • 2Put any code in code cells
  • 3Jupyter notebooks ♡ data
  • 4Jupyter notebooks ♡ plots
  • 5Jupyter notebooks ♡ Data Science
  • 6Goodbye for now!
Rasmus Bååth

Senior Data Scientist at King (Activision Blizzard)

Rasmus Bååth is a Senior Data Scientist at King. Previously, he was an instructor and Curriculum Lead for Projects at DataCamp. He has a PhD in Cognitive Science from Lund University in Sweden. Follow him at @rabaath on Twitter or on his blog, Publishable Stuff.

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