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Where Would You Open a Chipotle?

Create and explore interactive maps using Leaflet to determine where to open the next Chipotle.

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Project Description

Believe it or not, there is a state in the continental United States without a Chipotle! In this Project, you'll explore real data on every Chipotle to identify this state. Then you'll scout out the next Chipotle location using interactive maps and external data to compare proposed locations on several important factors, such as proximity to current Chipotle locations, the distribution of the state's population, and the distance from interstates and tourist attractions.

To complete this Project, you should be comfortable using the tidyverse and leaflet in R.

The data for this Project was provided by Thinknum, an alternative data provider focused on generating insights off the web.

Project Tasks

  1. 1
    Chipotle locations from Thinknum
  2. 2
    Do Chipotle stores ever close?
  3. 3
    How many Chipotle stores have closed?
  4. 4
    Where are (and aren't) there Chipotles?
  5. 5
    Which States have the fewest Chipotles?
  6. 6
    How many States in the US?
  7. 7
    Where to open a Chipotle I
  8. 8
    Where to open a Chipotle II
  9. 9
    Where to open a Chipotle III
  10. 10
    Where to open a Chipotle IV
  11. 11
    Where should the next Chipotle be opened?




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