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Going Down to South Park: A Text Analysis

Analyze the dialog and IMDB ratings of 287 South Park episodes. Warning: contains explicit language.

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Project Description

Warning: the dataset in this project contains explicit language.

South Park is a satiric American TV show that is popular around the world. In this Project, you will combine two datasets: dialogs from the first 21 seasons (287 episodes) and IMDB ratings of these episodes. Using some text analysis principles, you will answer questions like: Are naughtier episodes more popular? Is Eric Cartman the naughtiest character in the show?

You will apply skills from Introduction to the Tidyverse or Sentiment Analysis in R. You will be answering the questions using ggplot2 so Intermediate Data Visualization with ggplot2 might come in handy too.

Project Tasks

  • 1Import and explore data
  • 2Sentiments, swear words, and stemming
  • 3Summarize data by episode
  • 4South Park overall sentiment
  • 5South Park episode popularity
  • 6Are naughty episodes more popular?
  • 7Comparing profanity of two characters
  • 8Is Eric Cartman the naughtiest character?
  • 9Let's answer some questions
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Patrik is a freelance data scientist that helps small local companies with data-related problems. He is also pursuing his Ph.D. where he specializes in missing data. He never leaves home without his Rubik's cube and loves hitchhiking, athletics, mountains, kangaroos, and beer (he is Czech).

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