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Radar AI Edition

June 22, 9AM — 3PM ET

The rapid adoption of AI is transforming every industry as we know it.

Join us for a day of expert-led sessions to uncover how tools like ChatGPT and Generative AI are reshaping data science. Throughout, we’ll focus on how individuals and organizations can succeed with data in the age of AI.

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  • AmericasJune 229 AM — 3 PM ET
  • Europe/UKJune 222 PM — 8 PM GMT
  • Middle East & AfricaJune 224 PM — 10 PM AST

Join industry-leading experts

Build an AI-driven organization

Uncover use cases for large language models such as ChatGPT for your organization. Learn how to leverage these tools effectively and responsibly to stay ahead of the competition and transform business outcomes.

Screenshot of ChatGPT
Future proof your data career

Gain a deeper understanding of how AI and ChatGPT will transform the future of data careers. Focussing on strategies to keep your skills relevant, alongside what it means to be a successful data practitioner in the age of AI.

People smiling with a laptop
Unlock a learning culture with AI

Discover the potential of fostering a continuous learning culture that prioritizes data and AI literacy. Learn how AI technologies can transform learning within the flow of work.

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Individual people in data science

RADAR AI agenda

June 22


Opening Remarks: The Dawn of the AI Era

Jonathan Cornelissen
Jonathan CornelissenCEO, DataCamp

In this opening session, join DataCamp CEO Jonathan Cornelissen, as we explore the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on the data industry. From coding assistance with ChatGPT-based tools, to the potential of accelerating data literacy with natural language queries, to profound transformations in learning technology, join us as we set the stage for the day's events.


Demystifying AI: Unpacking the Generative AI Landscape

Grace Isford
Grace IsfordPartner, Lux Capital
Ollie Forsyth
Ollie ForsythGlobal Community Manager, Antler
Lauren Xandra
Lauren XandraVice President, Marketing & Platform, Two Sigma Ventures

Generative AI is more than just ChatGPT! Join experts from leading venture capital firms to discover the latest business and data science use cases of generative AI, explore the AI startup landscape, and learn how to prioritize investment in AI projects at your organization.

Data Literacy

Unlocking Data Literacy in the Enterprise with Generative AI

Benjamin Cheatham
Benjamin CheathamVice President, Data & Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft
Bob Muglia
Bob MugliaData Technology Investor, former Snowflake CEO
Sumeet Arora
Sumeet AroraChief Development Officer, ThoughtSpot

Generative AI promises to make technical skills accessible to all. Join the panel of expert executives to discover how to make this dream a reality. Find out how to utilize generative AI to enhance data communication, boost data literacy, and promote self-serve analytics across your organization.

Data Science

Increasing Data Science Impact with ChatGPT

Cem Dilmegani
Cem DilmeganiManaging Director, AIMultiple
Sina Wulfmeyer
Sina WulfmeyerChief Data Officer, Unique
Ather Gattami
Ather GattamiChief Scientist, Bitynamics

Outsourcing tasks to AI could provide a huge productivity boost. The trick is to know which tasks are best suited to AI, which are best suited to humans, and which require a human to work alongside an AI. Our panel of data science and AI experts will teach you how to integrate AI into your data workflows and unlock your inner 10X developer.

For Enterprise

Scaling Enterprise Value with AI: How to Prioritize ChatGPT Use Cases

Tracy Ring
Tracy RingChief Data Officer and Managing Director Products Industries, Accenture
Thomas Davenport
Thomas DavenportProfessor, Babson College
Gevorg Karapetyan
Gevorg KarapetyanChief Technology Officer, Zero Systems

For all the hype around ChatGPT and generative AI, adopting it in the enterprise requires care and attention. Learn to navigate privacy and security concerns, the ethical and compliance considerations, and the human factors to safely incorporate generative AI in your organization.


Revolutionizing Learning: Exploring the Future of Upskilling with AI

Sarah Schlobohm
Sarah SchlobohmHead of AI, Kubrick Group
Marcos Guevara
Marcos GuevaraManager of Learning & Development, Iterable
Yuying Chen-Wynn
Yuying Chen-WynnManaging Director, Wittingly Ventures

With sophisticated capabilities for providing explanations, generating answers to technical questions, and even auto-generating essays, ChatGPT and other LLM AIs have upended education. Join us as the panel of AI and education experts discuss how to work with generative AI to upskill employees and improve corporate training programs.


Closing Remarks: Thriving in the AI Era & AMA

Jonathan Cornelissen
Jonathan CornelissenCEO, DataCamp
Martijn Theuwissen
Martijn TheuwissenCOO, DataCamp

AI is no longer coming soon. It's here! In this new era, there are huge rewards up for grabs to those who can harness generative AI tools, but plenty of risks that must be avoided. DataCamp CEO Jonathan Cornelissen shows you how to chart a path to AI success and thrive. Followed by an "ask me anything" with Jonathan and DataCamp COO Martijn Theuwissen.

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