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In the dawn of the generative AI era, data and AI literacy have emerged as fundamental skills for professional and business success.

Uncover how your workforce can harness the power of data and AI literacy to drive efficiency, maximize ROI, and achieve transformational business outcomes.

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RADAR Data and AI agenda

Day 1


Opening Remarks: The Age of Data & AI Literacy

Jonathan Cornelissen
Jonathan CornelissenCEO, DataCamp

In this opening session, join DataCamp CEO Jonathan Cornelissen, as we explore what it means to live in the era of data & AI literacy. Throughout the session, we'll explore how and why data & AI skills will be foundational to succeed in the 21st century, and how individuals and organizations can thrive in an age of ambient AI. Join us as we set the stage for the day's events.

Data & AI Literacy

From Data Literacy to AI Literacy

Valerie Logan
Valerie LoganCEO and Founder, The Data Lodge
Jordan Morrow
Jordan MorrowFounder and CEO, Bodhi Data

The democratization of data has led to the rise of data literacy. As AI systems become more powerful and ubiquitous, AI literacy is becoming equally foundational. How can organizations prioritize both? How should you approach the skills component of the AI agenda? Join data literacy pioneers, Jordan Morrow & Valerie Logan, as they discuss the emergence of AI literacy, key steps leaders can take to foster it, and more.

Data & AI Culture

Adapting Organizational Culture to AI

Glenn Hofmann
Glenn HofmannChief Analytics Officer, New York Life Insurance

Tectonic shifts in technology can be either a boon or a bane for your company culture. No area is this more flagrant than in data & AI. How can leaders foster a culture of curiosity, performance, and psychological safety with data & AI? How can they drive succesful change management and build a resilient mindset within their workforce? Join Glenn Hofmann, Chief Analytics Officer at New York Life Insurance, as he discusses the ins and outs of building a data & AI-first culture.

Data & AI Upskilling

How WGU & HP Are Building the Data & AI Literate Workforce of the Future

Eric Lagally
Eric LagallyAcademic Director and Associate Dean, Western Governors University
Andy Shelton
Andy SheltonTechnical Learning Program Architect, HP

Organizations of all kind are continuously looking for ways to upskill and reskill their workforce to keep up with the rapidly evolving skills landscape. WGU (Western Governors University), and HP (Hewlett-Packard) are two organizations that are leading the pack. Whether it is through WGU's different data programs it offers students, or HP's internal upskilling program, there's a lot to unpack from managing large scale upskilling programs. In this session, join Eric Lagally, Academic Director and Associate Dean at Western Governors University & Andy Shelton, Technical Learning Program Architect at HP, as they discuss the ins and outs of managing a large scale upskilling program for data & AI skills.

Data Literacy

From Insight to Impact with Data Storytelling

Gary Wolf
Gary WolfFounder, Quantified Self
Lea Pica
Lea PicaFounder, Story-Driven Data
Jason Forrest
Jason ForrestAssociate Partner & Director, Data Visualization Lab, McKinsey & Company

Data storytelling is a crucial skill that extends beyond the corporate realm; it's a fundamental life skill that empowers individuals to make informed decisions in various aspects of life. In this session, join Gary Wolf, Co-Founder at The Quantified Self and former Contributing Editor at Wired Magazine, along with Lea Pica, founder of Story-driven by Data, and Jason Forrest, Associate Partner and Director of the Data Visualization Lab at McKinsey & Company, as they delve into the world of data stories and how they play out in our lives.

Data & AI Maturity

Laying the Foundations: Data Quality in the Age of AI

Susan Walsh
Susan WalshFounder, The Classification Guru
Scott Taylor
Scott TaylorThe Data Whisperer

Like any data initiative, AI is set to fail without strong data quality. The key to unlocking the power of data quality lies in robust data governance. As we usher in the era of AI, ensuring the quality of the data that informs large language models is more crucial than ever before. In this session, Susan Walsh, Founder at The Classification Guru, and Scott Taylor, the Data Whisperer, walk us through how data leaders can make meaningful gains on their data quality initiatives, and the nuances of scaling a data quality initiative with AI in mind.

Data & AI Maturity

Laying the Foundations: Scoping Generative AI Use Cases from Vision to Business Impact

Albert Esplugas
Albert EsplugasHead of AI Solutions Marketing, AWS

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, generative AI has emerged as a transformative technology with the potential to reshape industries and drive innovation. In this we will provide a comprehensive overview of the top generative AI use cases across business areas and industries. The focus will be on enabling the audience to strategically select the use case that will have a stronger business impact. By exploring successful case studies and real-world examples, attendees will gain insights into the key factors that contribute to the successful implementation of generative AI projects.


Closing words & AMA

Jonathan Cornelissen
Jonathan CornelissenCEO, DataCamp
Martijn Theuwissen
Martijn TheuwissenCOO, DataCamp

Join DataCamp CEO Jonathan Cornelissen & COO Martijn Theuwissen for closing words to cap off the day. Followed by an "ask me anything" with both of them.

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