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What 300+ L&D Leaders Have Learned About Building Data Fluency


Everybody needs to be able to work with data today the way everybody needed to start using email 20 years ago. We don’t expect only writers to know how to write—so why would we only expect data professionals to understand and analyze data? 

At DataCamp, we believe that data fluency is a requirement for professionals and data-driven companies in the 21st century. Data fluency is the ability to understand data, communicate insights from that data, and ultimately to make more informed decisions. It’s about empowering employees with the skills to drive better business insights, faster. But just as with any other language, data fluency is on a spectrum of proficiency. Every employee should have a baseline understanding of the language of data, and each individual’s data fluency should scale in relation to the complexity of the problems that pertain to their role.

To understand the current data fluency landscape, we conducted a survey of over 300 learning and development (L&D) leaders from diverse industries including healthcare, technology, consumer goods, government, and finance.

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