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Introduction to Databases in Python

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Jason Myers
Jason Myers

Jason Myers is a software engineer and author. His area of expertise is in developing data analytics platforms. He has also written the Essential SQLAlchemy book, co-authored with Rick Copeland, that introduces you to working with relational databases in Python.


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Course Description

In this Python SQL course, you'll learn the basics of using Structured Query Language (SQL) with Python. This will be useful since whether you like it or not, databases are ubiquitous and, as a data scientist, you'll need to interact with them constantly. The Python SQL toolkit SQLAlchemy provides an accessible and intuitive way to query, build & write to SQLite, MySQL and Postgresql databases (among many others), all of which you will encounter in the daily life of a data scientist.

1Basics of Relational Databases Free

In this chapter, you will become acquainted with the fundamentals of Relational Databases and the Relational Model. You will learn how to connect to a database and then interact with it by writing basic SQL queries, both in raw SQL as well as with SQLAlchemy, which provides a Pythonic way of interacting with databases.