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Get Ready for Data Science at MIT

Hoping to study data science at MIT? DataCamp can help you build your data skills across a range of disciplines. 

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Popular Courses for MIT Students


Introduction to Data Science in Python

Dive into data science using Python and learn how to effectively analyze and visualize your data. No coding experience or skills needed.

Clock4 hours
Hillary Green-Lerman Headshot

Hillary Green-Lerman

Lead Data Scientist, Looker


Supervised Learning with scikit-learn

Grow your machine learning skills with scikit-learn in Python. Use real-world datasets in this interactive course and learn how to make powerful predictions!

Clock4 hours
George Boorman Headshot

George Boorman

Core Curriculum Manager, DataCamp


Exploratory Data Analysis in Python

Learn how to explore, visualize, and extract insights from data.

Clock4 hours
Allen Downey Headshot

Allen Downey

Professor, Olin College


Introduction to Data Visualization with Matplotlib

Learn how to create, customize, and share data visualizations using Matplotlib.

Clock4 hours
Ariel Rokem Headshot

Ariel Rokem

Senior Data Scientist, University of Washington


Exploratory Data Analysis in R

Learn how to use graphical and numerical techniques to begin uncovering the structure of your data.

Clock4 hours
Andrew Bray Headshot

Andrew Bray

Assistant Professor of Statistics at Reed College


Machine Learning for Everyone

An introduction to machine learning with no coding involved.

Clock2 hours
Hadrien Lacroix Headshot

Hadrien Lacroix

Curriculum Manager at DataCamp

Prepare to Study Data Science at MIT


MIT data science courses cover a range of data science fundamentals such as programming in python, machine learning, probability and statistics, algorithms, and data visualization. 

With an acceptance rate of 4% for 21/22 applicants, MIT is extremely competitive to get into, so it is best to be as prepared as possible. DataCamp will take you through interactive courses to introduce you to different data science topics or build on your existing skills. With DataCamp, you can do the following:


Practice your Data Skills

With DataCamp’s practice feature, you can complete quick daily challenges to test your skills. Similarly, DataCamp Projects allow you to practice the data science skills you have learned in the courses. This can be the ideal way to hone your skills ahead of starting a data science course at MIT.

Work with Real Datasets

DataCamp provides learners with real-world datasets meaning you can put your newly learned coding skills into practice. Each dataset is accompanied by a set of challenges and a scenario, which allows you to practice specific skills and develop end-to-end projects.

Gain Sharable Statements of Accomplishments

Upon completion of a course, DataCamp will provide you with a statement of accomplishment that you can download or share on LinkedIn. This way you can demonstrate your level of competency across a range of different data science topics. With these statements of accomplishment you can show off your skills to MIT admissions officers or potential employers.

Compile your own Portfolio

DataCamp Workspace is a platform where you are able to create a shareable data science portfolio. With ready-to-use datasets, Workspace allows you to apply the skills you have learned in the courses. Using this platform you can build a record of all of your completed DataCamp projects for admissions officers or potential employers to view.

MIT Data Science FAQs

Does MIT have a data science Masters?

MIT offers an online MicroMasters program in Statistics and Data Science (SDS). This program is available to anyone and there is no application process, however it is recommended that applicants are educated to a college-level standard in calculus and are comfortable with mathematical reasoning and Python programming.

Is the MIT applied data science program worth it?

MIT’s Applied Data Science Program is recommended for professionals and entrepreneurs who are interested in data science and machine learning. This program is delivered by top MIT faculty and industry-leading data scientist practitioners. If you are looking for a quick, yet in-depth, program then this is for you.

What skills do I need before enrolling in a data science course at MIT?

While you don’t need any particular skills for enrolling in MIT’s undergraduate data science courses, for the Applied Data Science Program it is a prerequisite that you have basic computer programming and statistics skills.

What are the MIT entry requirements?

For first year admission, MIT requires the SAT (excluding the optional essay) or the ACT (excluding the writing section). The middle 50% score ranges of admitted students for the Class of 2026 were 790-800 for SAT Math, 730-780 for SAT ERW and 34-36 for ACT composite.

What is the MIT acceptance rate?

According to the MIT admissions statistics, a total of 33,240 applications were submitted for the MIT Class of 2025, and only 1365 applicants were admitted – equating to an acceptance rate of 4.1%.

How can I get into MIT?

Admission into MIT requires the highest grades and SAT or ACT test scores possible. While academic results are very important, MIT also values applicants that stand out from the crowd. For example extracurricular activities and unique attributes such as a portfolio of data science projects will come into handy when applying to MIT.

Can DataCamp support my studies at MIT?

DataCamp is an excellent platform for learning and practicing your data science skills. You can use the platform alongside studying at MIT to revisit topics you have learned and put your skills into practice by working on your own personal projects and building a portfolio.

Ready to learn?

With our online learning platform, you take an array of courses across different competency levels, all at your own pace. If you’re preparing for your data science journey at MIT, DataCamp is here to help.

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