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A Text Analysis of Trump's Tweets

Apply text mining to Donald Trump's tweets to confirm if he writes the (angrier) Android half.

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Project Description

This [tweet]( containing a hypothesis about Donald Trump's Twitter account needs to be investigated with data:

Others have [explored Trump’s timeline]( and noticed this tends to hold up. And Trump himself [did indeed tweet from a Samsung Galaxy]( until [March 2017]( But how could it be examined quantitatively? In this project, you will apply text mining and sentiment analysis to determine whether or not Trump does indeed write the angrier, Android tweets The dataset used in this project is from [The Trump Twitter Archive]( by Brendan Brown, which contains all 35,000+ tweets from the [@realDonaldTrump]( Twitter account from 2009 (the year Trump sent his [first tweet]( through 2018.

Project Tasks

  1. 1
    The tweets
  2. 2
    Clean those tweets
  3. 3
    Is "time" the giveaway?
  4. 4
    The quote tweet is dead
  5. 5
    Links and pictures
  6. 6
    Comparison of words
  7. 7
    Most common words
  8. 8
    Common words: Android vs. iPhone (i)
  9. 9
    Common words: Android vs. iPhone (ii)
  10. 10
    Adding sentiments
  11. 11
    Android vs. iPhone sentiments
  12. 12
    Conclusion: The ghost in the political machine




Data ManipulationData VisualizationProbability & StatisticsImporting & Cleaning Data
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