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Data Trends and Predictions 2021: The Year of Data Fluency

The past year has been tumultuous, with many lessons still being revealed today. The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated digital transformation, forcing incumbent organizations to digitize their processes, modernize their business models, enable data access, and upskill their workforce for a data-driven age (). The Covid-19 crisis has also proven the need for everyone to be data-fluent, informed citizens (), as data can be used to inform and misinform us on the state of the pandemic.
This year, we stand on the precipice of a great acceleration. Organizations worldwide are looking to increase their digital resilience and become more data-driven in the process. The data science revolution has always made the impossible possible. However, the real data science revolution, enabling data fluent organizations and societies, where everyone is equipped with the necessary skills they need to be informed, citizens, and employees.
Over the next year and beyond, organizations will seek to become more data fluent, with better tooling across the spectrum of data fluency, higher emphasis on skills, and richer, easier access to data across the organization.
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