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Data Science in the Energy Industry


Successful data scientists understand the industry they are working in. It's essential to understand how your data relates to business challenges. In this webinar, Drew Waters and Ryan Myers, senior data professionals from Pinnacle, explain how data is used at their company and in the energy industry more generally. You'll get a greater understanding of what data roles are available and what skills you need to succeed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about common data problems in the energy industry
  • Learn about best practices for using data in the energy industry
  • Learn what data roles available in the energy industry involve

[COURSE] Bayesian Data Analysis in Python

[COURSE] Anomaly Detection in Python

Courses that use energy industry data:

Case Studies in Statistical Thinking

Importing and Managing Financial Data in Python

Forecasting in R

AWS Cloud Concepts

Drew Waters Headshot
Drew Waters

Director of Data Science at Pinnacle Technologies

Ryan Myers Headshot
Ryan Myers

Product Manager at Pinnacle Technologies

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