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How Data Science Powers Space Exploration & Earth Science


Space exploration has always been considered the frontier of science and technology. Whether it is reusable rockets, satellites providing data on climate change, or capturing images of black holes, space exploration has pushed the boundaries of what is possible. Underpinning many of the applications of space exploration is data science and machine learning.

In this fireside chat, Deputy Chief Science Data Officer at NASA HQ, Katie Baynes, and Senior Research Scientist at NASA Langley Research Center Dr. Makhan Virdi (Ph.D.), will walk us through the importance of earth science and space exploration, the most common applications of data science and machine learning in these fields, and how to get started at the intersection of data science and space.

Key Takeaways

  • How earth science and space exploration allows us to understand the health of our planet and its inhabitants

  • How data science and machine learning are opening a new world of possibilities for space exploration and earth science

  • How aspiring and current data scientists can get started with space and earth sciences datasets

Dr. Makhan L. Virdi (Ph.D.) Headshot
Dr. Makhan L. Virdi (Ph.D.)

Senior Research Scientist @ NASA Langley Research Center

Katie Baynes Headshot
Katie Baynes

Deputy Chief Science Data Officer @ NASA HQ

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