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How Data Science is Transforming Healthcare



In 2020, the global healthcare industry generated 2,314 exabytes of data (1 exabyte = 1B gigabyte). According to Statista, this marks a 15-time increase in data volume since 2013. This high volume in data makes the healthcare industry across its various verticals ripe for data-enabled digital transformation that provides countless benefits for healthcare providers and society at large.

In this webinar, Luigi D’Introno, Data Science Evangelist at DataCamp, will discuss the current state of healthcare in 2021, and what are the current barriers slowing down its data transformation. Moreover, we will discuss the different verticals data science can impact in healthcare, from individualized patient care to pharmaceuticals manufacturing and distribution, and how data science can enable healthcare providers to be more accessible for all.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand what is the current state of healthcare and summarize the main barriers that are slowing down its data transformation.

  • Identify the main verticals of value data transformation can provide the healthcare sector

  • Understand the various data science use cases underpinning scalable data transformation in healthcare

Luigi D'Introno Headshot
Luigi D'Introno

Product, DataCamp

Product Manager at DataCamp
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