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Driving Learning Engagement with Community and AI


Running upskilling and reskilling programs can be challenging. Juggling the differing training needs across roles and teams, while delivering quantifiable skill improvements to a deadline, can be tough. In this session, Edzai Zvobwo, CEO at Acalytica and Kambria Dumesnil, Founder & AI Strategist at the AI Innovation Lounge and host of AI Learner Lounge Podcast provide insights into how to get employees to adopt your learning program, remain engaged, and achieve measurable skill improvements.

You'll learn about how to take advantage of the two most powerful tools in the L&D arsenal: social learning and artificial intelligence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn best practices to improve employee adoption and engagement for training programs.
  • Frameworks for evidence-based learning (ROI and impact)
  • Learn how social learning and artificial intelligence can be used to improve learning outcomes.
Additional Resources
Edzai Zvobwo Headshot
Edzai Zvobwo

CEO at Acalytica

Kambria Dumesnil Headshot
Kambria Dumesnil

Founder & AI Strategist at AI Innovation Lounge; Host of AI Learner Lounge Podcast

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