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Getting Started With Databricks


Databricks is a data intelligence platform combining data warehouse, data lake, and AI capabilities. It's widely used by Fortune 500 companies, and being able to use Databricks is fast becoming one of the hottest skill sets for data practitioners.

In this session, Ari, Databricks Head of Evangelism and “the Real Moneyball Guy”, and Nicolas, Databricks Technical Marketer for Data Science & Machine Learning, introduce you to the platform. You'll learn what is possible with Databricks, where it fits into the modern data stack, how data analysts and data scientists can use it, and what skills you need to get started.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how Databricks can be used in data analytics and data science workflows.
  • Learn how to get started using Databricks.
  • Learn what skills you need to make the best use of Databricks.


Ari Kaplan Headshot
Ari Kaplan

Head of Evangelism at Databricks

Nicolas Pelaez Headshot
Nicolas Pelaez

Technical Marketer for Data Science & Machine Learning at Databricks

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