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Radar—Create Awesome Portfolio Projects To Land Your Dream Job



Creating Awesome Portfolio Projects has been a game changer for the hundreds of people Nick’s career coached in the past.

Learn about his framework for making stand-out projects, the top 4 mistakes to avoid with this strategy, and Nick’s personal story of how his passion for Drake led him to Facebook. Finally, learn how to amplify your portfolio project by mastering the art of cold email outreach.

Key takeaways:

  • Why and how portfolio projects are a game changer for landing a role in data science

  • How Drake got Nick a job at Facebook

  • How to create a kick-ass portfolio project

  • Top 4 portfolio project mistakes to avoid

  • How to use cold emails to amplify your portfolio project

Nick Singh Headshot
Nick Singh

Author of Ace the Data Science Interview & Founder at DataLemur

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