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DataCamp Donates Celebrates International Womens’ Day


In honour of International Women’s Day, join a free-form discussion with Sadie St. Lawrence and three other women leaders in the nonprofit data literacy upskilling sectors to learn how women are at the forefront of today’s data revolution.

They’ll show how their partnerships with DataCamp Donates have enabled tens of thousands of women worldwide to learn data science for free and transform their careers and lives in the process.

Finally, they will take audience questions about and offer advice to women looking to break into these fields for the betterment of their lives and their communities.

Key Takeaways

  • How DataCamp partners with women-led nonprofit organizations to provide free data science scholarships through DataCamp Donates

  • Advice for women getting into the data industry on how to build confidence, get noticed, and earn a seat at the table where data-driven decisions are made

  • How volunteerism, outreach, and free data science education can make the tech industry a safer, more welcoming space for women at the city, country, continental, and global levels.

Sadie St. Lawrence Headshot
Sadie St. Lawrence

Founder & CEO

Cara Wilson Headshot
Cara Wilson

Co-founder and Executive Director

Melissa Ngamini, PhD Headshot
Melissa Ngamini, PhD

Lead Data Scientist at ADP and Head of Education

Haneefah A. Lekki Headshot
Haneefah A. Lekki

Programs & Community Manager

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