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Foundations of Inference in R

Learn how to draw conclusions about a population from a sample of data via a process known as statistical inference.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Jo Hardin Course

Dealing With Missing Data in R

Make it easy to visualize, explore, and impute missing data with naniar, a tidyverse friendly approach to missing data.

4 hours Importing & Cleaning Data DataCamp Course

Interactive Maps with leaflet in R

Learn how to produce interactive web maps with ease using leaflet.

4 hours Data Visualization Rich Majerus Course

Analyzing Survey Data in R

Learn survey design using common design structures followed by visualizing and analyzing survey results.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Kelly McConville Course

Visualizing Geospatial Data in R

Learn to read, explore, and manipulate spatial data then use your skills to create informative maps using R.

4 hours Data Visualization Charlotte Wickham Course

Fundamentals of Bayesian Data Analysis in R

Learn what Bayesian data analysis is, how it works, and why it is a useful tool to have in your data science toolbox.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Rasmus Bååth Course

Joining Data with data.table in R

This course will show you how to combine and merge datasets with data.table.

4 hours Data Manipulation Scott Ritchie Course

Object-Oriented Programming with S3 and R6 in R

Manage the complexity in your code using object-oriented programming with the S3 and R6 systems.

4 hours Programming Richie Cotton Course

Visualization Best Practices in R

Learn to effectively convey your data with an overview of common charts, alternative visualization types, and perception-driven style enhancements.

4 hours Data Visualization Nicholas Strayer Course

Forecasting Product Demand in R

Learn how to identify important drivers of demand, look at seasonal effects, and predict demand for a hierarchy of products from a real world example.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Aric LaBarr Course

Building Dashboards with shinydashboard

In this course you'll learn to build dashboards using the shinydashboard package.

4 hours Reporting Lucy D’Agostino McGowan Course

Intermediate R for Finance

Learn about how dates work in R, and explore the world of if statements, loops, and functions using financial examples.

5 hours Applied Finance Lore Dirick Course

Machine Learning in the Tidyverse

Leverage the tools in the tidyverse to generate, explore and evaluate machine learning models.

5 hours AI & Machine Learning Dmitriy Gorenshteyn Course

Interactive Data Visualization with plotly in R

Learn how to use plotly in R to create interactive data visualizations to enhance your data storytelling.

4 hours Data Visualization Adam Loy Course

Developing R Packages

Create and share your own R Packages!

4 hours Programming Aimee Gott Course

Machine Learning with Tree-Based Models in R

Learn how to use tree-based models and ensembles to make classification and regression predictions with tidymodels.

4 hours AI & Machine Learning Sandro Raabe Course

Intermediate Portfolio Analysis in R

Advance you R finance skills to backtest, analyze, and optimize financial portfolios.

5 hours Applied Finance Ross Bennett Course

Linear Algebra for Data Science in R

This course is an introduction to linear algebra, one of the most important mathematical topics underpinning data science.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Eric Eager Course

Choice Modeling for Marketing in R

Learn to analyze and model customer choice data in R.

4 hours Probability & Statistics DataCamp Content Creator Course

Foundations of Functional Programming with purrr

Learn to easily summarize and manipulate lists using the purrr package.

4 hours Programming DataCamp Content Creator Course

Factor Analysis in R

Explore latent variables, such as personality, using exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Jennifer Brussow Course

Introduction to Natural Language Processing in R

Gain an overview of all the skills and tools needed to excel in Natural Language Processing in R.

4 hours AI & Machine Learning Kasey Jones Course

Survival Analysis in R

Learn to work with time-to-event data. The event may be death or finding a job after unemployment. Learn to estimate, visualize, and interpret survival models!

4 hours Probability & Statistics Heidi Seibold Course

Data Manipulation with data.table in R

Master core concepts about data manipulation such as filtering, selecting and calculating groupwise statistics using data.table.

4 hours Data Manipulation Matt Dowle Course

Quantitative Risk Management in R

Work with risk-factor return series, study their empirical properties, and make estimates of value-at-risk.

5 hours Applied Finance Alexander J. McNeil Course

Text Mining with Bag-of-Words in R

Learn the bag of words technique for text mining with R.

4 hours AI & Machine Learning Ted Kwartler Course

Differential Expression Analysis with limma in R

Learn to use the Bioconductor package limma for differential gene expression analysis.

4 hours Other John Blischak Course

Case Studies: Building Web Applications with Shiny in R

Practice your Shiny skills while building some fun Shiny apps for real-life scenarios!

4 hours Reporting Dean Attali Course

Importing and Managing Financial Data in R

Learn how to access financial data from local files as well as from internet sources.

5 hours Applied Finance Joshua Ulrich Course

Credit Risk Modeling in R

Apply statistical modeling in a real-life setting using logistic regression and decision trees to model credit risk.

4 hours Applied Finance Lore Dirick Course

Sentiment Analysis in R

Learn sentiment analysis by identifying positive and negative language, specific emotional intent and making compelling visualizations.

4 hours AI & Machine Learning Ted Kwartler Course

Nonlinear Modeling with Generalized Additive Models (GAMs) in R

GAMs model relationships in data as nonlinear functions that are highly adaptable to different types of data science problems.

4 hours Probability & Statistics DataCamp Content Creator Course

A/B Testing in R

Learn the basics of A/B testing in R, including how to design experiments, analyze data, predict outcomes, and present results through visualizations.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Lauryn Burleigh Course

Introduction to Portfolio Analysis in R

Apply your finance and R skills to backtest, analyze, and optimize financial portfolios.

5 hours Applied Finance Kris Boudt Course

Structural Equation Modeling with lavaan in R

Learn how to create and assess measurement models used to confirm the structure of a scale or questionnaire.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Erin Buchanan Course

Introduction to Spark with sparklyr in R

Learn how to run big data analysis using Spark and the sparklyr package in R, and explore Spark MLIb in just 4 hours.

4 hours Programming Richie Cotton Course

Life Insurance Products Valuation in R

Learn the basics of cash flow valuation, work with human mortality data and build life insurance products in R.

4 hours Applied Finance Katrien Antonio Course

Building Dashboards with flexdashboard

In this course you'll learn how to create static and interactive dashboards using flexdashboard and shiny.

4 hours Reporting Elaine McVey Course

Categorical Data in the Tidyverse

Get ready to categorize! In this course, you will work with non-numerical data, such as job titles or survey responses, using the Tidyverse landscape.

4 hours Data Manipulation Emily Robinson Course

Dimensionality Reduction in R

Learn dimensionality reduction techniques in R and master feature selection and extraction for your own data and models.

4 hours AI & Machine Learning Matt Pickard Course

Practicing Statistics Interview Questions in R

In this course, you'll prepare for the most frequently covered statistical topics from distributions to hypothesis testing, regression models, and much more.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Zuzanna Chmielewska Course

Intermediate Regular Expressions in R

Manipulate text data, analyze it and more by mastering regular expressions and string distances in R.

4 hours Data Manipulation Benja Zehr Course

Multivariate Probability Distributions in R

Learn to analyze, plot, and model multivariate data.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Surajit Ray Course

Bond Valuation and Analysis in R

Learn to use R to develop models to evaluate and analyze bonds as well as protect them from interest rate changes.

4 hours Applied Finance Clifford Ang Course

Machine Learning for Marketing Analytics in R

In this course you'll learn how to use data science for several common marketing tasks.

4 hours AI & Machine Learning Verena Pflieger Course

HR Analytics: Exploring Employee Data in R

Learn how to manipulate, visualize, and perform statistical tests through a series of HR analytics case studies.

5 hours Case Studies Ben Teusch Course

Creating Dashboards with shinydashboard

Learn to create interactive dashboards with R using the powerful shinydashboard package. Create dynamic and engaging visualizations for your audience.

4 hours Reporting Kee Seng Png Course

Programming with dplyr

Learn how to perform advanced dplyr transformations and incorporate dplyr and ggplot2 code in functions.

4 hours Data Manipulation Dr. Chester Ismay Course

Case Study: Analyzing City Time Series Data in R

Strengthen your knowledge of the topics covered in Manipulating Time Series in R using real case study data.

4 hours Case Studies Lore Dirick Course

Visualizing Big Data with Trelliscope in R

Learn how to visualize big data in R using ggplot2 and trelliscopejs.

4 hours Data Visualization Ryan Hafen Course
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