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R Programming with swirl

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Open Course Description

This course contains all lessons from swirl's R Programming course. Learn about the powerful R programming language inside RStudio.

Chapter 1: The true basics

This chapter introduces the basic building blocks of the R programming language. You'll learn how to do arithmetic, create variables, manipulate your workspace, work with files, and generate sequences of numbers.

Chapter 2: Data structures

Understanding data structures is essential. In this chapter, you'll start with the simplest and most common data structure in R: the vector. You'll then learn how to deal with missing values, how to subset, and how to work with matrices and data frames.

Chapter 3: Logic, functions and the apply family

This chapter introduces more advanced R programming topics like logic, functions, and one of R's most helpful assets: the 'apply' family of functions.

Chapter 4: Working with data

This chapter is a first step towards working with real-world datasets. You’ll learn how look at data, do simulations, and work with dates and times. To end, you will do your first graphical explorations of data.

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Nick Carchedi
Prior to leading the Content Partnerships team at DataCamp, Nick earned his master's degree at Johns Hopkins Biostatistics and worked as a data scientist for McKinsey. Nick's passion for teaching data science began in graduate school, where was heavily involved in tutoring fellow students, developing the Johns Hopkins Data Science Specialization, and building the swirl R package.