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Instructors across the world use DataCamp to teach large groups of students, develop their own bootcamps, help researchers strengthen their data science skills, and much more.

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Our course curriculum is built by expert instructors and covers all steps of the data science workflow. DataCamp is 100% free when you need it for your classroom for an entire semester. You receive access to over 300 hours of data science videos and interactive coding challenges.

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We work with best-in-class instructors to develop the highest quality content. Their knowledge combined with our unique interactive platform which allows students to code directly in the browser makes for an effective, engaging learning experience.

Set assignment & deadlines, easily

Create a tailored roadmap for your students. Assign particular courses or chapters, and see who finished on time and who missed the deadline.

Track student progress, grade automatically

Easily track your students' progress, see how their skills evolve over time, and use this information for individual assessments.

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