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Analyzing Car Reviews with LLMs

Use LLMs to solve diverse language tasks for a car dealership company.

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Project Description

Prepare to leverage your practical skills by using pre-trained LLMs! In this project, you are an AI developer hired by an auto dealership company.

Your task is to implement pre-trained large language model (LLM) use cases for tasks such as analyzing and classifying customer reviews on cars, responding to inquiries about available car models, and translating the company's English text data into other languages.

Project Tasks

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    LLMs for Auto Dealership


Python Python


Artificial Intelligence
Iván Palomares Carrascosa HeadshotIván Palomares Carrascosa

Senior Data Science & AI Manager

Dr. Iván Palomares is a dedicated expert in Education and Artificial Intelligence, with significant experience in directing postgraduate programs in machine learning and data science for top international business schools. As an acclaimed academic leader, he has taught AI-related subjects at prestigious universities and conferences worldwide. His research focuses on personalized recommender systems, reinforcement learning, and generative AI, with notable contributions to applied AI projects in the industry.
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