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Exploring Netflix's most popular content from its Top 10 charts

The Netflix Top 10 charts represent the most popular movies and TV series, with millions of viewers around the globe. Understanding what makes the biggest hits is crucial to making more hits. Your published notebook should contain a short report on motor skills, including:

  • Summary Statistics
  • Visualizations
  • Statistical Models
  • Insights You Found

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Top Data Golden Globes

Saluting the Masters of the DataCamp Netflix Top 10 Competition.

1st place

Exploring Netflix's Most Popular Shows: A Data-Driven Analysis

Nri-Ezedi has taken a deep dive into the data to find out which TV shows are dominating the streaming platform, and the results are in. The clear winner, without a doubt, is Squid Game: Season 1. This non-English show has taken the world by storm, racking up an impressive number of weekly hours viewed and cumulative weeks on top.

WorkspaceNri-Ezedi Chisom Profile
Image of a chart cell in Workspace
2nd place

Unlocking the Secrets of Netflix's Top 10 Charts

David Asogwa's analysis of the popularity of TV series across different countries provides a detailed look at the shows that have captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. His research reveals that certain shows have enjoyed an incredible run in some countries, while others have failed to make a mark.

3rd place

Unlocking Netflix's Top 10 Charts

Dhifallh Alayadi's analysis of the TV series category has revealed some fascinating insights into the popularity of certain shows across different countries. Topping the charts was Pablo Escobar, el patrón del mal, which appeared in the top 10 charts in a staggering 13 different countries.

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