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Radar 2023

Welcome to RADAR, a free two-day digital event curated to equip businesses and individuals with the insights to thrive with data.

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RADAR 2023 agenda

Day 1


Welcome to Radar 2023

Jonathan Cornelissen
Jonathan CornelissenCEO, DataCamp

Join DataCamp CEO, Jonathan Cornelissen, as he welcomes attendees to Radar 2023. In this opening session, Jonathan will provide the motivation behind this year's Radar. He will also share insights on DataCamp's view of the current state of data, and discuss how Radar 2023 aims to address the most pressing challenges and opportunities within the industry.


Value Creation with the Modern Data Stack

Barr Moses
Barr MosesCEO & Co-Founder, Monte Carlo Data
Yali Sassoon
Yali SassoonCSO, Snowplow

As organizations of all sizes continuously look to drive value out of data, the modern data stack has emerged as a clear solution for getting insights into the hands of the organization. With the rapid pace of innovation not slowing down, the tools within the modern data stack have enabled data teams to drive faster insights, collaborate at scale, and democratize data knowledge. However, are tools just enough to drive business value with data?

Join Yali Sassoon, CSO and Co-Founder at Snowplow Analytics and Barr Moses, CEO and Co-Founder of Monte Carlo Data as they outline how data leaders can drive value creation with data in 2023.


Breaking Into Data in 2023: How Building a Personal Brand Can Accelerate Data Careers

Kate Strachnyi
Kate StrachnyiFounder, DATAcated

Unlock the secrets to a successful data career in 2023 by building a personal brand. Join us for a fireside chat with Kate Strachnyi, founder of DATAcated, where she will reveal how building a personal brand can be foundational to breaking into the data in 2023. Learn how to stand out in a crowded job market, create opportunities through networking and thought leadership, and build connections within the data community.


How The Data Job Market Is Evolving in 2023

Kyle Winterbottom
Kyle WinterbottomCEO & Founder, Orbition Group

Get ahead of the game and stay informed on how the data job market is evolving in 2023. Join Kyle Winterbottom, CEO of Orbition Group to learn how data leaders should approach hiring in 2023. Discover the nuances between hiring for leadership and technical roles, how to attract and retain top talent, how to build an employer branding that is visible, valuable and impactful. And for job seekers, learn about best practices to stand out in a competitive market, and the importance of soft skills and value creation in building a successful data career.


An In-depth Guide to the DataCamp Certifications

Vicky Kennedy
Vicky KennedyVP of Product, Certification, DataCamp

Have you wondered whether a data certification can benefit you? In this webinar, DataCamp’s VP of Certification, Vicky Kennedy, will discuss how a DataCamp certification could accelerate your data career. You’ll learn about the two levels and disciplines of certification that DataCamp offers, what’s required to attain certification, and how you can best prepare for the exams. You’ll also learn the “insider’s secrets” to acing the case study, a take-home exercise based on real-world data scenarios.


Tips For Building An Effective Data Science Portfolio

Naledi Hollbruegge
Naledi HollbrueggeData Analyst and Visualisation Consultant
James Le
James LeDeveloper Advocate, Twelve Labs

Portfolio projects are the silver bullet for lack of work experience when it comes to finding data roles. In this session, Naledi Hollbruegge, Data Analytics Consultant, will outline how to effectively present your portfolio projects and experience, detail the importance of storytelling, and how to highlight your technical and soft skills in portfolio projects.


How Learning Communities Can Drive a Data Culture

Andy Cotgreave
Andy CotgreaveSenior Data Evangelist, Tableau
Thierry Driver
Thierry DriverData Culture and Enablement Evangelist, Jaguar Land Rover

An effective data culture is not built with just learning material, but with vibrant learning communities sharing a common goal. In this panel, join Andy Cotgreave, Senior Data Evangelist at Tableau, and Thierry Driver, Data Culture and Enablement Evangelist at Jaguar Land Rover, as they discuss the importance of driving community when creating a data culture program. They will explore effective ways to evangelize data upskilling, how collaboration, knowledge sharing, and community building can foster a data-driven mindset, and more.

Data for good

Breaking Down Education Barriers with DataCamp Donates

Jennifer Owens
Jennifer OwensEducation Team Coordinator, ATLytics
Blessing Abeng
Blessing AbengCo-Founder, Ingressive For Good
Ravi Kumar
Ravi KumarFounder, Code for Nepal

For data science and AI to produce fair, equitable progress for the world’s population, we need to ensure that people of all walks of life have access to the best data education possible. DataCamp Donates is our CSR campaign designed to revitalize communities impacted by the pandemic and generational poverty by providing DataCamp scholarships to nonprofit organizations worldwide. Join DataCamp Donates Partners Ravi Kumar of Code for Nepal and the World Bank, Blessing Abeng of Ingressive for Good, Jennifer Owens of Atlanta Public Schools and ATLytiCS, and DataCamp’s Social Impact Manager, Nathaniel Taylor-Leach, as they share success stories of some of the over 25k DataCamp Donates scholarship beneficiaries they’ve directly helped so far.


Unlocking the Power of Learning Personas for Data Upskilling

Akin Keskin
Akin KeskinVP, Digital, Rolls Royce
Emily Hayward
Emily HaywardData & Digital Transformation Manager, CBRE

Everyone within an organization has a unique relationship with data—and determining your organization's learning personas is foundational for developing data capabilities within your workforce. Join Emily Hayward, Data & Digital Change Manager at CBRE, and Akin Keskin, Chief of Design Systems at Rolls Royce, as they demystify the power of learning personas for data upskilling. Throughout the session, they'll uncover best practices for determining and leveraging learning personas to improve learning outcomes, how to craft personalized learning paths for a large population of learners, how learning personas can improve learning adoption and engagement, and more.


Navigating the Future with Data Literacy: How Organizations Can Thrive in 2023 & Beyond

Jordan Morrow
Jordan MorrowVice President and Head of Data and Analytics, BrainStorm

As organizations and the economy at large look to weather the challenges of 2023, data literacy is one of the keys to empowering organizations to navigate the decade's most significant challenges with confidence.

In this session, Jordan Morrow, data literacy pioneer, and author of Be Data Literate, Be Data Driven, and Be Data Analytical, will outline how and why data literacy can help build individual and organizational resilience, how to scale data literacy within your organization, and more.


Ending note

Martijn Theuwissen
Martijn TheuwissenCOO, DataCamp

A lookback on day 1 of Radar 2023, and what's in store for day 2.

Day 2


Building Resilient Learning Cultures

Janice Burns
Janice BurnsChief People Officer, Degreed

Creating a “learning culture” is the goal of many organizations and learning leaders. But what does this really mean, why is it important, and what is required to “create a learning culture”? During this session, Janice Burns, CPO at Degreed will share how the future of work and organizational health is dependent on your employees’ ability to continuously learn and upskill. During her presentation, she will challenge you to think differently about these questions

  1. 1. Is learning a priority for your organization?
  2. 2. Are you using the right language to create the culture you want to build?
  3. 3. What’s required to create a culture of learning?
  4. 4. Why are skills a better solution?
  5. 5. What are skills are needed to power resilience?

If you are interested in challenging your current thinking related to how a “learning culture” supports business and organizational resilience, attend this session and engage in the discussion.


How a Culture of Continuous Learning Fuels Data Innovation

Anjali Samani
Anjali SamaniDirector, Data Science, Salesforce
Laura Gent Felker
Laura Gent FelkerDirector, Data Insights and Scalability, Salesforce

As data teams increasingly focus on value-driven work that is aligned with the business priorities, how can data leaders create a culture of innovation within their teams? Join Anjali Samani, Director of Data Science at Salesforce and Laura Gent Felker, Director of Data Insights and Scalability at Salesforce, as they explore how a culture of continous learning can fuel data innovation. Throughout the panel, they will discuss best practices for creating a learning and innovation culture within data teams, how data leaders can contribute to the democratization of data within their organization, how to create space and time for innovation within data teams, and more.

Data Culture

Building an Enterprise Data Strategy that Puts People First

Cindi Howson
Cindi HowsonChief Data Strategy Officer, ThoughtSpot
Valerie Logan
Valerie LoganCEO and Founder, The Data Lodge

An effective data strategy is one that combines a variety of levers such as infrastructure, tools, organization, processes, and more. Arguably however, the most important aspect of a vibrant data strategy is culture and people. Join Cindi Howson, Chief Data Strategy Officer at ThoughtSpot, and Valerie Logan, CEO of the Data Lodge, as they discuss how data leaders can create a data strategy that puts their people at the center. Learn key insights of how to drive effective change management for data culture, how to drive adoption of data within the organization, common pitfalls when executing on a data strategy, and more.


Data Storytelling: The Secret to Delivering Business Impact with Analytics

Ganes Kesari
Ganes KesariCo-founder & Chief Decision Scientist, Gramener

Did you know that over half of analytics projects fail due to bad data storytelling? Organizations often invest heavily in hiring data science experts, buying expensive licenses, or setting up analytics processes. However, without the focus on actionable user insights, all this effort will go waste. Stories have the power to engage people and inspire them to action. In this session, Ganes Kesari, CEO of Gramener, will show you how data storytelling can deliver business ROI. He will reveal the 4 steps to mastering visual data stories using exciting industry examples.

Data Culture

Inside the Decision Culture at Credit Karma

Vishnu Ram Venkataraman
Vishnu Ram VenkataramanVice President of Engineering, Credit Karma

Data is instrumental for Credit Karma's success. As an organization determined to increase financial inclusion for its members, accurate predictions and data-driven decision making provide a guide for CK members to navigate their financial lives. Having been with Credit Karma for more than eight years, Vishnu Ram Venkataraman, Vice President of Engineering at Credit Karma has been instrumental in scaling Credit Karma's machine learning and data infrastructure. In this fireside chat, Vishnu will give a sneak peek over how he scaled key data uses at Credit Karma, how Credit Karma democratizes data-driven decision making and built a data culture grounded in experimentation, how to create efficiencies within a data organization, and increase collaboration between technical and non-technical stakeholders.


Analytics Nirvana? Understanding Analytics Maturity and ROI

Steve Brodrick
Steve BrodrickChief Transformation Officer, Alteryx

On a scale of 1-5, most companies say their analytics maturity is just over 2. Yet, businesses are prioritizing analytics spend over most any other software. How do you make the most of these investments? What does it take to be a 5 out of 5? In this conversation with Steve Brodrick, Chief Transformation Officer at Alteryx, gain perspectives on what companies are doing to advance data & analytics capabilities across the stages of analytics maturity; learn how to drive greater collaboration & adoption around automation & analytics to create value and foster a data-driven culture.


What’s Next for Jupyter Notebooks? Inside the State of the Data Science IDE

Filip Schouwenaars
Filip SchouwenaarsVP Engineering, DataCamp
Jodie Burchell
Jodie BurchellDeveloper Advocate, JetBrains
Noah Gift
Noah GiftDuke Executive in Residence, Duke University

Notebooks have been commonplace in data science for most of the last ten years, and every data scientist has worked with one. However, as data science continuously evolves, so does the tooling stack of modern data scientists.

In this session hosted by Filip Schouwenaars, VP of Engineering at DataLab, Jodie Burchell, Developer Advocate at JetBrains, and Noah Gift, Duke Executive in Residence, will share their thoughts on how the data science notebook is evolving. From the emergence of LLM-based code completion tools like GitHub Copilot to the rise of collaborative cloud notebooks and the emergence of data-specific IDEs, they will touch upon how the data tooling stack can evolve in the next few years to come.


From Data Chaos to Data Maturity: Implementing a Data Literacy Program

Kevin Hanegan
Kevin HaneganChief Learning Officer, Qlik
Angelika Klidas
Angelika KlidasOperations Manager, Bitmetric

Data is more than a mere commodity in our digital world. It is the ebb and flow of our modern existence. Individuals, teams, and enterprises working with data can unlock a new realm of possibilities. And the resultant agility, growth, and inevitable success have one origin―data literacy. This session will feature two data literacy pioneers, Kevin Hanegan and Angelika Klidas, each with a thorough footprint within the data and analytics commercial world and lecturers at top universities in the US and the Netherlands.

Based on their book, Data Literacy in Practice, this session will help you start making your data work for you by understanding how to approach building data literacy within your organization. You'll learn the four-pillar model that underpins all data and analytics and explore concepts such as measuring data quality, setting up a pragmatic data management environment, choosing the right graphs for your readers, and questioning your insights. By the end of the session, you'll be equipped with a combination of skills and mindset as well as with tools and frameworks that will allow you to find insights and meaning within your data for data-informed decision making.


Unleashing the Power of Data Teams in 2023: Insights from data leaders

Vijay Yadav
Vijay YadavDirector of Quantitative Sciences - Digital, Data, and Analytics, Merck
Vanessa Luzardo Gonzalez
Vanessa Luzardo GonzalezSenior. Director of Data Science and Innovation, Businessolver

In this panel, Vijay Yadav, Vice President of Data Science at Merck, and Vanessa Gonzalez, Sr. Director of Data Science and Innovation at Businessolver, will outline the keys to building high-impact data teams in 2023. They will discuss what are the hallmarks of a high-performing data team, the importance of diversity of background and skillset needed to build impactful data teams, setting up career pathways for data scientists, and more.


Day 2 Recap and Final Goodbyes

Martijn Theuwissen
Martijn TheuwissenCOO, DataCamp

A recap of Radar 2023, and closing notes.

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