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Supercharging your Data Workflow with AI in DataCamp Workspace


Generative AI technology like ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, with every profession trying to figure out what it can mean for them. In this session, we cover how we expect large language models to revolutionize the analytics workflow. We’ll discuss the innovation that’s already happening today to make analytics and data science more productive and less error-prone. More specifically, we take a deeper look at how AI is becoming increasingly embedded in DataCamp Workspace, DataCamp’s modern data science notebook.

What Will I Learn?

  • How AI will revolutionize the data science workflow and coding-related tasks
  • How AI is making data science more accessible for everyone, and reducing the barrier to entry for data work
  • A showcase of how practitioners can supercharge their workflow with AI-enabled generate & fix code features using DataCamp Workspace
Filip Schouwenaars Headshot
Filip Schouwenaars

VP of Engineering DataCamp DataLab

Data science educator and enthusiast, leading the development of DataLab
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