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Data Engineering for Everyone

Discover how data engineers lay the groundwork that makes data science possible. No coding involved!

2 hours Data Engineering Hadrien Lacroix Course

Introduction to Data Engineering

Learn about the world of data engineering with an overview of all its relevant topics and tools!

4 hours Data Engineering Vincent Vankrunkelsven Course

Database Design

Learn to design databases in SQL.

4 hours Data Engineering Lis Sulmont Course

Introduction to Airflow in Python

Learn how to to implement and schedule data engineering workflows.

4 hours Data Engineering Mike Metzger Course

Building Data Engineering Pipelines in Python

Learn how to build data engineering pipelines in Python.

4 hours Data Engineering Kai Zhang Course

Streaming Data with AWS Kinesis and Lambda

Learn how to work with streaming data using serverless technologies on AWS.

4 hours Data Engineering Maksim Pecherskiy Course

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