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Data Science for Everyone

An introduction to data science with no coding involved.

4 hours Other Hadrien Lacroix Course

RNA-Seq with Bioconductor in R

Use RNA-Seq differential expression analysis to identify genes likely to be important for different diseases or conditions.

4 hours Other Mary Piper Course

Introduction to Bioconductor in R

Learn to use essential bioconductor packages using datasets from virus, fungus, human and plants!

4 hours Other Paula Martinez Course

Single-Cell RNA-Seq with Bioconductor in R

Analyze single-cell RNA-Seq data using normalization, dimensionality reduction, clustering and differential expression.

4 hours Other Fanny Perraudeau Course

Analyzing US Census Data in R

Learn to rapidly visualize and explore demographic data from the United States Census Bureau using tidyverse tools.

4 hours Other Kyle Walker Course

Differential Expression Analysis with limma in R

Learn to use the Bioconductor package limma for differential gene expression analysis.

4 hours Other John Blischak Course

ChIP-seq with Bioconductor in R

Learn how to analyse and interpret ChIP-seq data with the help of Bioconductor using a human cancer dataset.

4 hours Other Peter Humburg Course

Course Creation at DataCamp

Learn all about how DataCamp builds the best platform to learn and teach data skills.

3 hours Other Content Team Course

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