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Julia Fundamentals

Discover the potential of Julia, a versatile and high-performance programming language! Even without any prior coding experience, nothing is standing between you and grasping the basics of this programming language that combines Python’s ease of code writing and the speed of C! Moreover, this fast-growing language was specifically designed with data science and machine learning in mind, making it an ideal tool for any data-related tasks! Throughout this track, you’ll learn all the basics, like data types, structures, logic flow, and functions. You’ll gain hands-on knowledge of working with DataFrames, applying your newly acquired skills to more advanced things like data manipulation or data visualization. By the end of this track, you’ll have gained the skills and knowledge to tackle various real-world challenges using Julia.

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Introduction to Julia

Julia is a new programming language designed to be the ideal language for scientific computing, machine learning, and data mining.

4 hours

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James Fulton

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