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Time Series with R

Learn how to extract meaningful insights from time series data in R with this six-course track. Explore how to model, forecast, and visualize time series data using R programming. Time series are all around us, from server logs to high-frequency financial data. With this track, you’ll learn how to manipulate time series data, how to use R for time series analysis, and how time series modeling works. You’ll also cover time series forecasting in R, learning how to make predictions about the future based on data. After you finish learning how to visualize time series data, you’ll complete a case study using real data and the R skills you’ve developed so far. By the time you complete this track, you’ll have the confidence to work with your own time series data in R.

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Manipulating Time Series Data with xts and zoo in R

The xts and zoo packages make the task of managing and manipulating ordered observations fast and mistake free.

4 hours

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