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New Course: Learn R Statistics Online With Our Introduction to Statistics

In this introduction to statistics with R course, you learn to do statistical analysis with R. Get a 75% student discount and free trial.
Oct 2014  · 4 min read

The best way to learn is at your own pace. Combining the interactive R learning environment of DataCamp and the expertise of Prof. Conway of Princeton, we offer you an extensive online course on introductory statistics with R.  Start learning now...

Whether you are a professional using statistics in your job, an academic wanting a refresher on specific statistical topics, or a student taking statistics classes, this new DataCamp course will match your needs. It is a comprehensive and friendly course, that requires no background knowledge in statistics or R. The aim is to provide you with a solid foundation for future learning, as well as being able to put one's work into context. All this takes place in your browser thanks to the DataCamp online learning environment. Try it for free!

Statistics with R

So, how does it all work? You can choose to subscribe to the course as a whole, or to take individual modules according to your own specific needs. The course consists of 7 modules, ranging from the Student's T-test over ANOVA to simple and multiple linear regression, finally ending with a last module on Moderation and Mediation.  In total there are more than 250 interactive R exercises, which are accompanied by videos and slides. This adds up to 24 hours of material on statistics with R .

statistics with r

Interested?  To give you the opportunity to get a taste of the course content and to try out the DataCamp learning experience, we present you the first module for free. Furthermore, if you are a student, we want you to know that you get a  75% discount on the whole course.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this learning opportunity and check out the course! Remember that the first module is free, that you can buy separate modules according to your needs, and if you buy all 7 modules at once, you get a significant discount.  On top of that, students can get a 75% reduction on the whole statistics with R course.

On Professor Andrew Conway

Prof. Conway is a Senior Lecturer at Princeton and has been teaching to undergrads and graduate students for 20 years. His experience is reflected in the quality of this course. The content of this course has been on Coursera, and back then more than 200,000 individuals followed it, making it the second most popular Coursera course using R.  Psychology students at Princeton are already following the DataCamp course this semester.

On DataCamp

is set up in DataCamp’s interactive platform that aims to enhance the learning experience by offering a learning-by-doing approach. The material is presented by short videos and slides to explain major elements. In order to consolidate your learning, every section ends with interactive exercises that let you practice the covered concepts while giving you tailored feedback.

You will discover R's capabilities and how they interplay with each other step by step. You can learn at your own pace, stopping to take a break or replay a segment at any time. The system tracks your progress so you can stop at any time; it will start up where you left off. This way, you will learn effectively instead of losing time with one-speed-fits-all solutions like a four-hour screencast or webinar. What’s more, in order to consolidate your learning, every section ends with interactive exercises that let you practice the covered concepts while giving you tailored feedback.

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