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Introduction to Excel

Master the Excel basics and learn to use this spreadsheet tool to conduct impactful analysis.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData ManipulationUserJess AhmetLearncourse

Data Analysis in Excel

Learn how to analyze data with PivotTables and intermediate logical functions before moving on to tools such as what-if analysis and forecasting.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagReportingUserNick EdwardsLearncourse

Data Preparation in Excel

Understand how to prepare Excel data through logical functions, nested formulas, lookup functions, and PivotTables.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData PreparationUserIason PrassidesLearncourse

Data Visualization in Excel

Learn how to create a range of visualizations in Excel for different data layouts, ensuring you incorporate best practices to help you build dashboards.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData VisualizationUserAgata Bak-GeerinckLearncourse

Introduction to Power Query in Excel

Explore Excel Power Query for advanced data transformation and cleansing to boost your decision-making and analysis.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData PreparationUserLyndsay GirardLearncourse

Financial Modeling in Excel

Learn about Excel financial modeling, including cash flow, scenario analysis, time value, and capital budgeting.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagApplied FinanceUserNick EdwardsLearncourse

Case Study: Analyzing Customer Churn in Excel

You will investigate a dataset from a fictitious company called Databel in Excel, and need to figure out why customers are churning.

Clock1-2 hoursTagReportingUserJess AhmetLearncourse

Power Pivot in Excel

Master Power Pivot in Excel to help import data, create relationships, and utilize DAX. Build dynamic dashboards to uncover actionable insights.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData ManipulationUserNick EdwardsLearncourse

Intermediate Power Query in Excel

Building on your foundational Power Query in Excel knowledge, this intermediate course takes you to the next level of data transformation mastery

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData PreparationUserLyndsay GirardLearncourse

Intermediate Importing Data in Python

Improve your Python data importing skills and learn to work with web and API data.

Clock2-3 hoursTagData PreparationUserHugo Bowne-AndersonLearncourse

Introduction to Importing Data in Python

Learn to import data into Python from various sources, such as Excel, SQL, SAS and right from the web.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData PreparationUserHugo Bowne-AndersonLearncourse

Connecting Data in Tableau

Learn to connect Tableau to different data sources and prepare the data for a smooth analysis.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData PreparationUserLis SulmontLearncourse

Fully Automated MLOps

Learn about MLOps architecture, CI/CD/CM/CT techniques, and automation patterns to deploy ML systems that can deliver value over time.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagMachine LearningUserArturo Opsetmoen AmadorLearncourse

Data Storytelling Concepts

Elevate your data storytelling skills and discover how to tell great stories that drive change with your audience.

Clock2-3 hoursTagData LiteracyUserJoe FranklinLearncourse

Financial Modeling in Google Sheets

Learn basic business modeling including cash flows, investments, annuities, loan amortization, and more using Google Sheets.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagApplied FinanceUserErin BuchananLearncourse

Joining Data in SQL

Level up your SQL knowledge and learn to join tables together, apply relational set theory, and work with subqueries.

ClockOver 3 hoursTagData ManipulationUserMaham KhanLearncourse

Introduction to Bioconductor in R

Learn to use essential Bioconductor packages for bioinformatics using datasets from viruses, fungi, humans, and plants!

ClockOver 3 hoursTagProbability & StatisticsUserPaula MartinezLearncourse