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Analyzing Students' Mental Health

Use your data manipulation skills to perform exploratory data analysis on a dataset around student mental health.

Clock1-2 hoursTagData ManagementUserJasmin LudolfLearnprojects

Investigating Netflix Movies

Apply the foundational Python skills you learned in Introduction to Python and Intermediate Python by manipulating and visualizing movie data.

Clock1-2 hoursTagData ManipulationUserJasmin LudolfLearnprojects

Exploring NYC Public School Test Result Scores

Use data manipulation and summary statistics to analyze test scores across New York City's public schools!

ClockLess than 1 hourTagExploratory Data AnalysisUserGeorge BoormanLearnprojects

Analyzing TV Data

Use data manipulation and visualization to explore one of two different television broadcast datasets: The Super Bowl and hit sitcom The Office!

ClockLess than 1 hourTagData ManipulationUserDavid VenturiLearnprojects

Analyze International Debt Statistics

Write SQL queries to answer interesting questions about international debt using data from The World Bank.

ClockLess than 1 hourTagData ManipulationUserMaarten Van den BroeckLearnprojects

Predictive Modeling for Agriculture

Dive into agriculture using supervised machine learning and feature selection to aid farmers in crop cultivation and solve real-world problems.

Clock1-2 hoursTagPython ProgrammingUserMohammed AbufoudaLearnprojects

Analyzing Crime in Los Angeles

Find out when and where crime is most likely to occur, along with the types of crimes commonly committed in LA.

ClockLess than 1 hourTagData ManipulationUserGeorge BoormanLearnprojects

Analyzing Motorcycle Part Sales

Derive insights about motorcycle part sales over time across multiple warehouse sites!

Clock1-2 hoursTagData ManipulationUserGeorge BoormanLearnprojects

Exploring Airbnb Market Trends

Apply your data importing, cleaning and manipulation skills to explore New York City Airbnb data.

Clock1-2 hoursTagPython ProgrammingUserMaham KhanLearnprojects

Analyzing Industry Carbon Emissions

Use your SQL skills to explore a dataset about product carbon emissions.

ClockLess than 1 hourTagData ManipulationUserGeorge BoormanLearnprojects

Analyzing American Baby Name Trends

Use categorization and ranking techniques to explore 101 years of American baby name tastes.

ClockLess than 1 hourTagData ManipulationUserIzzy WeberLearnprojects

Clustering Antarctic Penguin Species

Arctic Penguin Exploration: Unraveling Clusters in the Icy Domain with K-means Clustering

Clock1-2 hoursTagMachine LearningUserAmir PariziLearnprojects

Cleaning Bank Marketing Campaign Data

Tidy a bank marketing campaign dataset by splitting it into subsets, updating values, converting data types, and storing it as multiple csv files.

ClockLess than 1 hourTagProgrammingUserGeorge BoormanLearnprojects

Exploring the History of Lego

Use a variety of data manipulation techniques to explore different aspects of Lego's history!

ClockLess than 1 hourTagData ManipulationUserRamnath VaidyanathanLearnprojects

Evaluate a Manufacturing Process

Identify issues in a manufacturing process using SQL window functions and subqueries

Clock1-2 hoursTagData ManipulationUserJasmin LudolfLearnprojects

Modeling Car Insurance Claim Outcomes

Clean customer data and use logistic regression to predict whether people will make a claim on their car insurance!

Clock1-2 hoursTagMachine LearningUserGeorge BoormanLearnprojects

Exploring London's Travel Network

Use SQL to analyze a database containing information about Transport for London journeys over 12 years!

ClockLess than 1 hourTagData EngineeringUserGeorge BoormanLearnprojects

Analyzing Unicorn Companies

Use your SQL skills to find out how many companies reached a valuation of over $1 billion across different industries between 2019 and 2021!

Clock1-2 hoursTagProgrammingUserGeorge BoormanLearnprojects

Predicting Movie Rental Durations

Build a regression model for a DVD rental firm to predict rental duration. Evaluate models to recommend the best one.

Clock1-2 hoursTagData ManipulationUserRohan ChatterjeeLearnprojects

Building a Retail Data Pipeline

Test your Data engineering skills by creating a data pipeline to analyze E-commerce business of Walmart!

ClockLess than 15 minutesTagPython ProgrammingUserAnastasia DvoryanchikovaLearnprojects

Classify Song Genres from Audio Data

Rock or rap? Apply machine learning methods in Python to classify songs into genres.

Clock1-2 hoursTagData ManipulationUserAhmed HasanLearnprojects

Predicting Credit Card Approvals

Build a machine learning model to predict if a credit card application will get approved.

Clock1-2 hoursTagPython ProgrammingUserMaarten Van den BroeckLearnprojects

Predict Taxi Fares with Random Forests

Use regression trees and random forests to find places where New York taxi drivers earn the most.

ClockLess than 1 hourTagData VisualizationUserRobert GrantLearnprojects