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Data science courses

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Introduction to Importing Data in Python

Learn to import data into Python from various sources, such as Excel, SQL, SAS and right from the web.

Clock3 hoursTagData PreparationUserHugo Bowne-AndersonLearncourses

Cleaning Data in Python

Learn to diagnose and treat dirty data and develop the skills needed to transform your raw data into accurate insights!

Clock4 hoursTagData PreparationUserAdel NehmeLearncourses

Data Preparation in Excel

Understand how to prepare Excel data through logical functions, nested formulas, lookup functions, and PivotTables.

Clock3 hoursTagData PreparationUserIason PrassidesLearncourses

Introduction to Importing Data in R

In this course, you will learn to read CSV, XLS, and text files in R using tools like readxl and data.table.

Clock3 hoursTagData PreparationUserFilip SchouwenaarsLearncourses
Power BI

Data Preparation in Power BI

In this interactive Power BI course, you’ll learn how to use Power Query Editor to transform and shape your data to be ready for analysis.

Clock3 hoursTagData PreparationUserMaarten Van den BroeckLearncourses

Intermediate Importing Data in Python

Improve your Python data importing skills and learn to work with web and API data.

Clock2 hoursTagData PreparationUserHugo Bowne-AndersonLearncourses

Streamlined Data Ingestion with pandas

Learn to acquire data from common file formats and systems such as CSV files, spreadsheets, JSON, SQL databases, and APIs.

Clock4 hoursTagData PreparationUserAmany MahfouzLearncourses

Web Scraping in Python

Learn to retrieve and parse information from the internet using the Python library scrapy.

Clock4 hoursTagData PreparationUserThomas LaetschLearncourses

Cleaning Data in R

Learn to clean data as quickly and accurately as possible to help your business move from raw data to awesome insights.

Clock4 hoursTagData PreparationUserMaggie MatsuiLearncourses

Introduction to Power Query in Excel

Explore Excel Power Query for advanced data transformation and cleansing to boost your decision-making and analysis.

Clock3 hoursTagData PreparationUserLyndsay GirardLearncourses

Connecting Data in Tableau

Learn to connect Tableau to different data sources and prepare the data for a smooth analysis.

Clock3 hoursTagData PreparationUserSara BillenLearncourses

Cleaning Data with PySpark

Learn how to clean data with Apache Spark in Python.

Clock4 hoursTagData PreparationUserMike MetzgerLearncourses

Cleaning Data in PostgreSQL Databases

Learn to tame your raw, messy data stored in a PostgreSQL database to extract accurate insights.

Clock4 hoursTagData PreparationUserDarryl Reeves Ph.DLearncourses

Creating PostgreSQL Databases

Learn how to create a PostgreSQL database and explore the structure, data types, and how to normalize databases.

Clock4 hoursTagData PreparationUserDarryl Reeves Ph.DLearncourses

Web Scraping in R

Learn how to efficiently collect and download data from any website using R.

Clock4 hoursTagData PreparationUserTimo GrossenbacherLearncourses

Intermediate Importing Data in R

Parse data in any format. Whether it's flat files, statistical software, databases, or data right from the web.

Clock3 hoursTagData PreparationUserFilip SchouwenaarsLearncourses

Cleaning Data in SQL Server Databases

Develop the skills you need to clean raw data and transform it into accurate insights.

Clock4 hoursTagData PreparationUserMiriam AntonaLearncourses

Dealing With Missing Data in R

Make it easy to visualize, explore, and impute missing data with naniar, a tidyverse friendly approach to missing data.

Clock4 hoursTagData PreparationUserLearncourses

Marketing Analytics in Tableau

Master marketing analytics using Tableau. Analyze performance, benchmark metrics, and optimize strategies across channels.

Clock6 hoursTagData PreparationUserMaarten Van den BroeckLearncourses