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Data Analysis in Excel

Learn how to analyze data with PivotTables and intermediate logical functions before moving on to tools such as what-if analysis and forecasting.

Clock3 hoursTagOtherUserNick EdwardsLearncourses

Introduction to AWS

Discover the world of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and understand why it's at the forefront of cloud computing.

Clock2 hoursTagOtherUserAmar SuchakLearncourses

GitHub Concepts

Learn how to use GitHub's various features, navigate the interface and perform everyday collaborative tasks.

Clock2 hoursTagOtherUserGeorge BoormanLearncourses

Applying SQL to Real-World Problems

Find tables, store and manage new tables and views, and write maintainable SQL code to answer business questions.

Clock4 hoursTagOtherUserDmitriy GorenshteynLearncourses

Introduction to GCP

Get to know the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with this course on storage, data handling, and business modernization using GCP.

Clock2 hoursTagOtherUserNabeel ImamLearncourses

AWS Cloud Technology and Services

Master AWS cloud technology with our course - ideal for hands-on learning and practical applications in the AWS ecosystem.

Clock3 hoursTagOtherUserRahulraj SinghLearncourses

Introduction to Bioconductor in R

Learn to use essential Bioconductor packages for bioinformatics using datasets from viruses, fungi, humans, and plants!

Clock4 hoursTagOtherUserPaula MartinezLearncourses

RNA-Seq with Bioconductor in R

Use RNA-Seq differential expression analysis to identify genes likely to be important for different diseases or conditions.

Clock4 hoursTagOtherUserMary PiperLearncourses

Analyzing US Census Data in R

Learn to rapidly visualize and explore demographic data from the United States Census Bureau using tidyverse tools.

Clock4 hoursTagOtherUserKyle WalkerLearncourses

Course Creation at DataCamp

Learn all about how DataCamp builds the best platform to learn and teach data skills.

Clock3 hoursTagOtherUserKelsey McNeillieLearncourses

Time Series Analysis in Tableau

In this course, you’ll learn to classify, treat and analyze time series; an absolute must, if you’re serious about stepping up as an analytics professional.

Clock4 hoursTagOtherUserChris HuiLearncourses

ChIP-seq with Bioconductor in R

Learn how to analyse and interpret ChIP-seq data with the help of Bioconductor using a human cancer dataset.

Clock4 hoursTagOtherUserPeter HumburgLearncourses